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8. Query options dialog

8.1 Option groups

[option groups]

Depending on the dictionary or the time you have to learn the vocabulary different settings may be optimal.

For that reason all the settings of the pages of this dialog can be summarized under an arbitrarilly chosen name. You can store the settings and recall them whenever you want.


Retains the settings of the other pages under the current name.

Saving to disk is done as with all the other settings using the according menu item of the options menu.


Recalls the settings from the group in the list.


Creates a new group with the current settings.


Removes the current group.


8.2 General query options

[query options]

Time per query

Her you can influence the behaviour of kvoctrain when you don't know the answer in time.

  • You may set a time limit kvoctrain grants you to remember the correct answer.
  • Additionally you can tell kvoctrain what to do when this limit is reached. Except of waiting unlimited time you may select be shown the solution or to continue immediately with the next question.
  • Furthermore you can switch on a little progess bar to shown the remaining time for the current answer.

If you exceeed the time limit several times in series kvoctrain will assume that there is currently no person in front of the screen and stop the query.

Swap direction randomly

Usually a query is only in one direction, depending on the column you used to start the query. With this checkbox you can determine, that the directions are altered randomly.


8.3 Query threshholds

[query threshholds]

With this dialog you determine which entries are included in the next selection for random query.


Designate which lessons to include or leave out. An arbitrary number of lessons can be selected for the calculation.

For convenience there are two additional buttons to selected all entries or none.

Starting with version 0.7.0 this is stored with the document instead of of storing globally.

Word type

Select the word type. kvoctrain does not pay any attention to subtypes.


The same for the grade.

Query count

Choose how often the selection must be queried.

Bad count

The same for the amount of times the entry was not known.

Last query

Include queries before or within the given time span.

Entries which have not been queried are always included if you choose before.

Entries are only included if all conditions are fulfilled. If you want a property to be ignored, choose "Dont care" for it.


8.4 Blocking and expiring

[query blocking]

On this page you select the time, an known entry is excluded from queries resp. when it must be queried at the latest.

There are two conditions which must be fullfilled, otherwise you will be shown an according warning:

If one of these functions is active, the threshholds from the previous dialog page (grade, count of queries and last date) are not taken into account.

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