The K Desktop Environment

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6. Language properties dialog

[language elements]

The following pages of this dialog determine for each language of this dictionary several elements that are used in the according queries.


For every gender you enter here the definite and the indefinite article. If there is none for this language, you leave the field empty.


In the similar manner you input the descriptor for the 1., 2. and 3. person each in plural and singular.

Because many languages do not distinguish in the 3rd person plural, there is a checkbox to determine this.

Leave the uneccessary fields empty.


Choose the font you need to display all your symbols. ISO8859-1 is most common, at least on western european systems. Unicode is basically independent but most fonts do not contain all available characters and Unicode is only supported under QT2/KDE2.

If you try to load a file with a an unavailable charset on your system yoou will be warned.

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