The K Desktop Environment

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5. Document properties dialog

This dialog also consists of several pages the determine properties that belong only to the current document. They are stored with the vocabulary.

5.1 General properties

[general document properties]


Here you enter the title of the document which is displayed in the windows title bar.


Usually you will enter your name in this field. If there are more than one author you might use a line for each person.


If you wnat to restrict (or better allow :-) the use of you vocabulary you should enter the according permission or license here.

I recommend something like the Open Content License.


This field should contain things that do not fall in one of the other categories.


5.2 Lesson descriptions

[lesson descrptions]

Here you add, modify or delete descriptions of your lessons.

The buttons should be pretty self explaining except "Clean up". This one will remove all lesson descriptions that are currently unused.


5.3 Type descriptions

Similar to the previous section about lessons you can edit our own expression types on this page.

Since the dialog page looks the same as the one before there is no picture.

5.4 Tenses

On the next page you may add the tenses you need.

5.5 Usage labels

The last page provides the possibilty to enter your own usage labels.

If you think an important item is missing (from the above tense, type or usage label section) you should tell me, so I can include them in the application as standard item.

This way all the other users can benefit.


5.6 Document options

[document options]

allow sorting

If you have created your vocabulary with a certain order, you can use this checkbox to turn sorting off for this document. A click in the header button will then no longer sort the row.


Useful only on KDE2 systems. Here you choose the encoding used to store the vocabulary files.

Choose "8Bit" if possible. UTF-8 is only possible on QT2 based systems and should therefor only used if really needed.

Take also into account that you might have to select a certain charset in the language properties dialog if you want to share your vocabulary files with others (and I really recommend that you do ;-).


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