The K Desktop Environment

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12. Dictionaries

12.1 Contributing a dictionary to kvoctrain

If you have created a dictionary, please send me an email and tell me about it. I plan to collect pointers to those files and include them in this handbook. If I find an electronic abode for kvoctrain with enough space, I might also store them there.

This also applies if you have dictionaries for QVocab or KVoclearn as I will write converters if necessary.

But please:

12.2 Other dictionaries on the web

12.3 Translator applications

If you don't want to learn but just need quick translations of expressions in larger dictionaries you might be unhappy with kvoctrain if your computer doesn't have much memory and MHz. A 150000 entry file consumes about 60M and takes ages to load if your system starts swapping.

In this case you might want to try one of the following:

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