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1. Introduction

1.1 What is it?

kvoctrain is a little utility to help you train your vocabulary, when you are trying to learn a foreign language. You can create your own database with the words you need.

It is intended as a replacement for index (flash) cards.

You remember: write the original expression on the front side of the card and the translation on the back. Then look at the cards one after another. If you knew the translation, put it away. If you failed, put it back to try again.

kvoctrain is not intended to teach you grammer or other sophisticated things. This is and probably will stay beyond the scope of this application.

1.2 Is kvcotrain written for KDE1 or KDE2?

Starting from version 0.7 the main target for kvoctrain is KDE2 and this handbook is also especially written for the new version.

But note: The version for KDE1 is about 99.9% the same and differs only in some additional features in the newer version, mostly Unicode support because of QT2 and several minor things you might not even notice.

1.3 Changes

0.7.0 2001 January 2.

  • further steps towards KDE 2. Runs almost as reliable as previous versions under KDE1
  • new file format for vocabbox
  • new doc properties "license" and "remark"
  • new vocabulary properties "usage label" and "paraphrase"
  • experimental unicode support with utf-8 encoding of kvtml files (QT2.x only)
  • invoke header menu with left mouse button (instead right mouse button) similar to menu buttons in toolbars
  • customizable action after query timeout
  • provide the possibility to enable different charsets and fonts per language
  • query dialogs for synonyms, antonyms, examples and paraphrases.
  • Synonyms and antonys may form a list of several lines and answering one of them is good.
  • reduced size of executable by almost 1000kb ;-) by eleminating multiple instatiations of templates.
  • query may contain arbitrary many lessons, not just one (or all).
  • user defined names for conjugations
  • found some minor bugs
  • adopted spotlight2kvtml to differing file format
  • several properties may spawn multiple lines
  • switch to have settings always saved on exit (not only upon request)

0.6.0 2000 February 6.

  • extended query dialog (properties and progress chart)
  • support up to 7 levels
  • new property "faux ami"
  • added blocking/expiring query dates
  • setting groups for the query
  • new properties "article", "conjugation" and "comparison" for querying
  • reorganized source tree
  • first preparations for KDE 2.x: compiles but does not run correctly
  • substituted all pictures *.gif by *.png
  • simple verify functions in query dialogs

0.5.0 1999 October 24.

  • show progress while loading/saving
  • customize resizing strategy of columns
  • mark arbitrary ranges to work on
  • binary file format (for my testing purposes only)
  • added import/export filter for *.lex and *.csv files
  • limit time for each query
  • tried to be more conforming to the style guidelines
  • some minor corrections and improvements
  • user defined expression types, revised internal types
  • added converter for Spotlight-Online vocabulary list ==> spotlight2kvtml
  • access header buttons and lesson box also with keyboard
0.4.0 1999 August 15.

  • improved learning support
  • german handbook
  • some nicer icons
  • fixed a serious bug
  • lots of minor improvements

0.3.2 1999 June 12

  • smart search facility
  • creation of lessons
  • bidirectional query
  • security backup before saving
  • fixed loads of flaws :-(

0.2 1999 May 1

First release

0.1 1999 April 14

Basic functions completed

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