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Some important notes:
  • kvoctrain has moved into cvs at http://edu.kde.org. All new information can be found at http://edu.kde.org/kvoctrain.
  • I am giving up further development. Fortunately I found someone to maintain kvoctrain and keep it alive.
  • In case YOU would like to take the job to improve kvoctrain or make it part of a new project feel free to send a mail to either me or the new maintainer whose address can be found at http://edu.kde.org/kvoctrain.
  • I removed all source files from this site to prevent users from using the old and buggy version 0.7. The current version 0.8 comes with the KDE-EDU package which for example should be contained in all new Linux distributions. For downloading from CVS see http://edu.kde.org/kvoctrain.

What is kvoctrain

kvoctrain is a vocabulary trainer. Like most of the other vocabulary trainers it uses the "flash card" approach:

You remember: write the original expression on the front side of the card and the translation on the back. Then look at the cards one after another. If you knew the translation, put it away. If you failed, put it back to try again.

kvoctrain offers the possibility to enter additional properties for your words (e.g. type, usage label, conjugations) and also allows to use them for queries.


Here are some screenshots from version 0.7 (as of february 2001). Screenshots of almost all dialogs and views can be found in the handbook.
Right side you can see a screenshot of the main window.
  • Different colors represent your current knowledge of the vocabulary.
  • As you can also see, it is possible to keep more than one language (besides the original) in your file.
  • Starting from version 0.7 kvoctrain can also handle different charsets and fonts per language.
    Of course you should not use these fancy fonts for your words, it's just to show the possibility.
On the left you see the first page of the dialog for the input of your words and their properties.
The last screenshot shows the random query dialog. Depending on the word type several query dialogs are availabe.

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Last updated on November 12. 2001
kvoctrain at ewald-arnold.de